tiny tiny things

I always remember this .”falling in love many a times with the same person is love”.Though its bit filmy but its true..what do u say…? By the way how did u celebrate ur valentines day….everything seems more beautiful in this world when u r in love.so mine is superb.My day started with cooking some delicious dishes for my hubby and my kidooo too.Over a months we spent a quality time together,not just bcoz its a valentines day..its a weekend too.these are my special dishes..

i love cooking

These are the dishes i prepared, Egg biryani with gobi-65.Finally everyone loved it and relished it especially the one i love 🙂 The day of love continued with my lovely hobby,gardening….here the images i took from my little garden

my liitle garden
colors of love

So this is how my day ended up with lovely lovable love and the tiny tiny things  and the hobbies  which makes me happy always. Think U also had the great time.do share with me ur lovely moments.keep loving. 🙂


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