All ’bout Love

Becoming reason in somebody s life to live is the most precious gift for everyone… and its all about love.No matter whoever it is kids, parents, soulmates…Have u ever been in love? Me? yes i am deeply in love with my kid now…the way she calls me mummy,the way she hugs me..:) when she lays her hand around my neck and hold me tight….i feel like i dont need any jewellery for my neck which would be the beautiful ornament on me…same as every mother….now i am understanding why everybody says motherhood is the beautiful phase in every womens life. Isn’t it ? I spent the whole day with my kid today and trying to stitch cutie cutie frocks for her. And today I Stitched one for her.Though not good at tailoring,just learning the abc of stitching, whatever i’m learning  practising  it on my angels attires.The one i made she liked it very much 🙂 A bit tough, but enjoying it doing for  her.

Thats all for the day.Do share memories with me.Be happy, stay happy.


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  1. Vinay Chintala says:

    good one 🙂 looking forward see more


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