All is simple in love

The toughest things seems “so simple when u are in love”, and “when we love what we do” too.The lovely days of the love month turning more lovable with the love stories going on and on….being the season of love,its all about love everywhere on tv too.Becoming so crazy of love stories day by day and love the feeling of being lost in it when i read them or watch them.The most fascinating part of today….My girly traditional feminism comes out mainly when i look at the jewellery..especially in my city,”Hyderababd” is most famous for the delicious Biryani and next stands the handmade bangles by artisans..,soon i’ll collect and share those collections too. I cant say how am i crazy of  accessories and jewellery and the reminscences of my mom run in my mind whenever i buy the fashion jewellery, i hear my moms voice in echo..saying dont spend your money on crazy stuff  🙂b4 but still my heart and hand goes together in this and never listen to me though my heart try to stop and says listen to mom, the most precious gift on earth is mothers love isn’t.Here are the simple and traditional jewellery i bought for me and my angel.Do share your opinions, likes and suggestions too.keep loving 🙂b5


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