Time for decoration

The Indian New Year…GUDI PADWA,UGADI,SAMVATSARADI….etc. yes its time for decorating our homes and time for shopping new clothes too.This was a very auspicious day for us as we clean our homes and make different kinds of food, wear new clothes and the most important thing is “ugadi chutney” which is the combination of neem flowers, mango, tamarind juice,banana,pepper, means sweet,sour,spice, salt, tanginess and bitter Which we call as shadruchulu…means the combination of six flavors and it says life is combination of all emotions and experiences sad, happy,anger, fear,disgusta and surprise.This festival comes every year on chaitra sudda padyami and it also reveals the good and bad of the coming days too.Here are the pics of my UgadiCollages3IMG_20160408_131627_HDR

my fav ugadi chutney

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