THE Epic


The story of pure love, the story of trust, the story of honesty, the story of responsibility…..and more.Something which cant be explained in words.Have u ever seen or listened to such a beautiful  story. Neverthless..If you ask me do u? I say yes.I am talking about the Epic Ramayana – THE EPITOME OF  TRUTH,LOVE AND JUSTICE.In my school days i tried it watching it on tv, reading the books, but never understood the value of it nor understood the moral of it., i still remember my mom trying to preach those values and its nothing impractical every Indian woman dream of husband like “RAM”, son like “RAM”,But  every part of it bringing tears in my eyes,its such divine or such practical , how can a human being set an example to the mankind and preached how exactly a human being should be.and if we do so, and leave all the greediness behind and follow ramayan what was taught exactly…..toady people might not be in pain.For me it is teaching how to be more responsible, teaching how to love and what is love actually-
the eyes don’t know the sense of beauty, the body don’t know the meaning of lust, the mind don’t know thought of alter,the heart  which don’t know the hatred” all about loving, admiring, caring ,respecting,being generous and loving unconditionally…Everytime i see it i think of it thinking of falling in love again .don’t know how much am i influenced,but these influences making many changes i my life.All i learnt till date be true to the one who loves you.and its the power which drives your life.


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