Hey guys, missed my blog all these days.On a trip to my motherland,my mothers home.:) Being summer its so hot.But the summer made more memorable with my moms love and spending time with my family and my kiddoo..Its always be happy whenever we will be back to m@d i.e., my mom and dad.After marriage a girl need to leave the family behind …and she looses the identity too.No wonder her heart always see for the love which she is missing.

So indeed the summer always brings those happy days back to me.Ate all the lovely dishes made by my mom. do you ever felt that exclusive love when we will be far from our loved ones, and comes like a blue moon…we can see that .Isnt’t?Specially my dad…bringing all the favorite food which i like and try to make me fat and healthy,which they don’t care about the outer beauty,just sees the happiness in my eyes when they give me what i like ,not disturbing my sleep though its 12 noon, late night movie shows, roaming with friends,chatting on phone for hours and hours..but nobody raises a doubt or questions you…still my mom offers me a bed coffee at 9 in the morning  and asks me to sleep again…..trying to know any problems in my life without expressing their love…as if i don’t know what they want to know from me…huh love these days ya…and this is what love is? Nobody in the world can supplement these characters.love you” ma and pa.”Mom-and-Dad

How important are thumbs to hands…as such you are important to me.


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