Spark of my life

Status changed…..the most wonderful feeling, the most awaited moment, the precious and priceless gift and the most excited day in my life.All these because of you.April 23rd,2013.This was the day she stepped in this world and filled my life with joys and light.Heard the first sound when i was on stretcher in the operation theater..Doc said its a girl…though i was unconscious,but still, i can hear the words…and i was the first one to see and kiss her.After coming out my womb, she didn’t even cried…then doc gave a pat on her back….hahaha  i heard the first cry.Its 9.15 am  in the morning.Tears came out of my eyes …and smile on lips.Whispering in myself…and thanking God for sending my little angel to support me.Today she is turning four.Cant believe she has grown up so fast and i still hear herimg1462386672856 non phonetical sounds .This was her first pic taken on her 11th day and todays pic.Happy birthday my angel and do bless my angel friends.


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