After my  daughters birthday..this is my first morning walk.stepping out of my house..thought where to go..coz its been many days i am coming out for a morning walk.Its 5 in the morning…Walked to the left..I heard the mantras from the temple…so i continued walking towards the temple..This was the temple which i am seeing from my childhood,when i am 4 years old, he is our favorite god.Cant tell the whole story of it, but in brief it means a lot to me as many memories of my life are connected to it…starting with hall tickets of my every little exam in my school, my first temple with my friends,my strong beliefs,meeting my friends…my first crush….lot more.Eager to share this pics with you.img1462381444778as its early in the morning i couldn’t take the pics so clearly…and then went back to walk…moving towards i found my school.This was the most happiest feeling whenever i see these premises.I still remember my teachers, my class room performances and progress cards, punishments and parents meet,play ground and prayers….first crush, love letters and leave letters….tears came out of my eyes with joy.Sat on the ground watching my school hoarding and gate.So it was the same day in the morning i couldn’t enter into the school so took the pics from outside…img1462381079728

seeing this you might have also cherished your memories again.Do share your feelings,comments and compliments with me.keep loving.keep smiling 🙂


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