Did you ever stayed leaving your kids in mothers home or they went for a holiday trip xoxo…It was so obvious that we feel much lonely and more alone when they suddenly leave us. I still remember when my little gal went to school, it was her first day of school, I made her all set.. ready to go, she is waving her hand and much excited of her new dress, shoes, bag and her new school. Me! staring at her, the 2 years baby girl with whom I played, laughed and roared OMG she is grown up too fast. My eyes are still thinking whether to drop the lid, as it will be foolish if I cry for such reason. I feel the same when she stepped into this world, then I first had glance of my baby in the operation theatre, looking at me, with a fingers in her mouth, those little eyes searching for me  …… The irrevocable feelings in my life. Missing my sweet heart.  These feelings are somewhere hidden in your heart, woke up them and don’t forget to share with me those lovely feelings and memories…after all  life is all about memories….
keep smiling, keep blogging.



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