Children’s day

Yeah, though i am not a child but every year when this day comes, i was reminded of my childhood, preparing some or other cultural activities, waiting for the gifts given in school, participating in competitions….chocolates, new dress, holiday mood….Now its my daughters turn so I am seeing me in her. My small write up to my #dalz 🙂 on the eve of children’s day. By the way happy children’s day to the kid in you.

What can I say, what are you for me….
Your search for me made me special,
When you stepped into this world
All the joys came to me in the form you……………

Your cuddle taught me, what is a mother
Your cry taught me what is pain
Your call taught me How special is a word “MA”
You taught me what’s is childish
You taught me everything & It’s

                YOU – complete me

Your feet’s of falling down when you are trying to sit @ 7
Your fragile knees trying to crawl @ 10
Your ups and downs with your little feet trying to walk @ 14
Your cute sighs of talking when you are @ 2
Your messy tiny hands learning to eat @ 3

Those paper boats, your first two little teeth…
Your first dumka, your first photograph
your first vaccine, Your first fever,
your first uniform, your first award,
your first day of school……
And now you are 4…But you are still the same to me…
“My Angel”



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