No to Mobiles

A mobile in hand on relaxing couch, watching TV still we look for whats app, playing with  kid still we don’t miss that screen…whatever we do, wherever we are , can we imagine a day without a mobile…Awww No! is the answer , right?

But this moment made me really think what am I missing in blind with technology.
Last week I’ve been to my mom’s home and gathered all her friends and relatives for get-together. Everybody is so happy in gossiping about their own topics, and there came the question…..When will we meet again, where ….xoxo..I said just whats app to mobile….
I was so annoyed with their answer , saying we don’t use mobiles which steals our family time. Any communication can just be passed to each other on land-phones or by meeting each other which really improves the relations.

Isn’t it true? Are we not missing the best time in our lives, spending more time with machines all around us and we are becoming a machine too….So I decided, I should even stay out of technology, at least a day in a week.What say?  Feel the same…like it, follow it.  Once again cheers to every mother to be so perfect to her family.
#Happy time, #Happy blogging.

time for yourself

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