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Words can heal a heart or shatter a heart.” These days i’m more hooked to the word “mood swings” which is a new sound to me. I’m trying to fathom the depth of this hidden corner and thinking how to be out of this…Sometimes I think am I depressed…! sometimes I think am I an alien to the people around me….! Sometimes I really want to be a loner, introvert, recluse…may be one word with different meanings and Yes I  heard the saying , An idle brain is a devil’s workshop” but I’m completely piled up with work and the emotion swings are not letting me out of the pain.

I’m rooted, But I flow

These times I believe its time to know more about me and “its more into me” and reminded of the line  I am rooted, But I flow”…-Virginia Woolf which really made me think of  the intensity. Coincidentally today is 136th Birthday of Virginia..One of my favorite writer. Its in my masters I read about her…and since I’m more into her I’m more connected to her 🙂 Partially, she became my inspiration of writing. To be crisp I am travelling in the same boat she sailed and may sharing here consoles me to turn the boat in different direction.


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