Night owl


Sounds funny huh! There’s a saying if you are awake in the night, you are awake in someone’s dreams….,not so deep into these words ;), I know many of us love to work at night, seems more active at night ,I also belong to you guys and call myself as “nightowl” and my cerebellum lits up with solutions and ideas& experiments , when moon is in my company😊…….As the silence of dark keeps me more connected to myself…And not to forget listening to music and enjoying the work is always a thumps up factor I love…Keep ur body, mind and soul alive…# keep smiling , #keep blogging.Happy weekend.


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  1. Rageshree says:

    Hey! I honestly love your blog, your style of writing! I have organised a blog party on the coming Monday. You’re cordially invited❤️ I hope you’ll be there!

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    1. shree says:

      Thankyou and I vl b there

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