MY heart is roaring with fear, annoyance and unhappiness. I cant find words to describe this pain in me. Whenever I hear these disgusting news on sexual violence, women trafficking, dowry deaths, rape, murder,kidnapping, assaulting, raping toddlers…..Whats happening to humans…Are we living with humans or beasts…!!!!!

Women are still struggling not just for independence, they are struggling to live..lead a life, to smile, to dress up,to work, to marry, to give birth, to become a mother…I read in books women are not allowed to study even in 70’s. Now a women is landing on moon,climbing Everest’s, becoming Defense ministers and chaired as CEO’s…end of the day SHE IS STILL A WOMAN.


I will not question about the independence of walking on streets in the midnight…But Can a women do her job in the morning and come back home safely? Can a women travel in a cab alone??? Can a 6 year girl come back from school alone? Can a grandmother sleep on terrace without hesitation? can a pregnant women alone, go to male gynecologist for checkup??? Can a girl blind trust her relatives????? Can a girl be happy after marriage, safe at least??? Can a teenager questions a professor about a subject..Can a girl reject a proposal, when she don’t like??? Ashamed to say there’s NO safety for women  in social media, society, home, school, college, hospital, workplace..not even in womb:(

Is Women just a piece of flesh,blood and bones??? whoever finds her can have a feast like a beast without a human instinct. Being an Indian, I respect and proud of my  country for what it has been…But not what it is, Why it is just happening in India…? We are known for great culture, unity in diversity….but WE ARE RANKED AS ONE IN THE WORLD, KNOWN AS UNSAFEST PLACE FOR WOMEN.  Why because a rapist can happily lead his life in jail for  couple of years and not hanged, we see a girl raped or kidnapped publicly,  but we don’t report, though we report, we spotlight the victim not the murderer or rapist or a psycho. Though it goes into the court they were happily feed in jail and later take a decision, where many of brutes can be inspired by that crime and do many more brutal things, and the judgement will be in favor considered caste, creed and power NOT JUST FOR THE CRIME HE DID…


To punish a crime…Do people need to lit the candles, hold placards, and should beg to remove the roots of crime….Does the law don’t know what to do with the sinner??? or How to punish the sinner, How to save the victim??????????????? WE cant question a constitution, we cant question a ruler who won with our votes…Then how, my or our  India can stand on one, as the best country????:( 😦 😦 Cant stop the tears in my eyes noticing these brutalities.

IF A GIRL IN JEANS, TIGHTS AND MINI SKIRTS PROVOKES A MEN TO RAPE..THEN WHAT ABOUT A TODDLER  RAPED, OR A WOMEN IN BHURKA? OR 60 YEAR OLD WOMEN  EVEN RAPED ….WE just knew the stories that are in light, but there are many stories which are in dark…Many Aarushis, many Asifas…………are all of them will be saved??


This left me in chaos..Can a mother dream of giving birth to a baby girl in this world, especially in India…What can I do? keep praying and blindly believe the universal power or whom shall I beg to stop this……I CAN’T END THIS NOTE WITHOUT ASKING YOU, TO #BE SAFE…ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER, SISTER, MOTHER, WIFE….AND YOURSELF.